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Activities to be carried out erasmus

febrero 11, 2023
Activities to be carried out erasmus

Erasmus Spain

Thus, and through European projects, the program realizes its main objective: to create a strategic framework for European cooperation in education, in this sense, different countries share basic and innovative learning strategies for the improvement of education both at state and international level, intellectual and physical borders are suppressed, enriching participants with the values of the EU Treaty.

Each of them focuses on highly relevant and topical issues and are in line with our school philosophy, education in values such as inclusion, diversity, health and democracy.

Erasmus+ presents a wide range of benefits for our educational community. On the one hand, teachers are continuously trained through the exchange of good practices, training and application of new learning strategies (cooperative learning, peer tutoring, project-based learning, e-learning, etc.) and the international vision of the different educational realities of other European neighboring countries.

Erasmus destinations

Welcome to the International Relations Office. Whether you are interested in studying with us, or if you want to do a mobility in another university center, this is your meeting point.

One of our biggest challenges is to make you feel at home. And this, in a community with students of more than 100 different nationalities, sometimes involves facilitating some administrative procedures that can be somewhat complex.

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In addition to serving international and exchange students, the International Relations Office also works to strengthen CEU UCH’s presence in the world. If you belong to a Higher Education institution and want to explore ways of collaboration with our center, both for mobility agreements and for other types of global projects, do not hesitate to contact us.

The European Union’s Erasmus+ program offers university students hundreds of opportunities to develop their knowledge and share experiences in educational institutions in other countries.

Erasmus+ higher education

We consider the students of the Erasmus program as social actors involved in dynamics of transnational mobility and global production of meaning, as well as in their concomitant urbanistic processes. As objects of the anthropology of tourism, we present the case of a group of Erasmus students in the Alfama district of Lisbon, whose processes of differentiation and production of authenticity will lead some local entrepreneurs to the identification and exploitation of new tourist resources. The young students, through a particular interpretation of the symbolic materials present in the imaginary construction of Lisbon, renew the terms of attraction for the place, favoring new processes of patrimonialization and socio-spatial capitalization in the Alfama district.

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Erasmus program students are regarded as social actors involved in medium term transnational mobility, and this feature has consequences on both global meaning production and on the dynamics of local urban processes. Taking it as an object of study within the anthropology of tourism, the dynamics of a group of Erasmus students of Alfama neighborhood in Lisbon are analyzed. Their differentiation discourses and authenticity production processes have led local entrepreneurs to identify and explore new resources for tourism. Young students, through a particular interpretation of symbolic elements present in Lisbon’s imaginary construction, have renewed the meanings of its sense of place, providing new heritagization processes and social-spatial capitalization in Alfama neighborhood.

Erasmus Program

Schools, vocational training centers and adult education and training organizations are eligible for full funding to attend our courses under an Erasmus plus KA121 and KA122 mobility grant for teachers, teachers, trainers, managers and other staff members can be sent abroad to attend courses and training activities such as the ones we are organizing. Please consider that a wide range of organizations may be eligible for this Erasmus plus funding such as, for example, adult education organizations, cultural organizations, music associations, non-profit organizations and organizations providing formal or non-formal education for adults.we recommend that you check with your Erasmus+ National Agency to verify if your sending institution is eligible as sending organizations under Key Action 1 (KA121 and KA122 Mobility of individuals for learning purposes).

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