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Erasmus+ capacity building in the field of higher education

diciembre 31, 2022
Erasmus+ capacity building in the field of higher education

Ue erasmus+

Programa Derechos, Igualdad y CiudadaníaAcción Subvenciones para apoyar proyectos nacionales y transnacionales sobre no discriminación e integración de los gitanosObjeto Luchar contra la discriminación en GreciaInstitución coordinadora National Centre for Social Research (Grecia)Instituciones participantes Universidad de SevillaEconomic and Social Council (Grecia)Patras Municipal Enterprise for Planning & Development (Grecia)Region of Crete (Grecia)Vigencia 05/12/2016-04/12/2018Página web

Erasmus+ 2022 Program

Thus, and through European projects, the program realizes its main objective: to create a strategic framework for European cooperation in education, in this sense, different countries share basic and innovative learning strategies for the improvement of education both at state and international level, intellectual and physical borders are removed, enriching the participants with the values of the EU Treaty.

Each of them focuses on topics that are highly relevant and topical and are in line with our school philosophy, education in values such as inclusion, diversity, health and democracy.

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Erasmus+ presents a wide range of benefits for our educational community. On the one hand, teachers are continuously trained through the exchange of good practices, training and application of new learning strategies (cooperative learning, peer tutoring, project-based learning, e-learning, etc.) and the international vision of the different educational realities of other European neighboring countries.

Erasmus+ fp

Learning mobility opportunities are intended to stimulate the mobility of students, teaching and non-teaching staff, trainees, apprentices, youth workers and young people.

Organizations can send or receive students and staff from participating countries. Staff members can carry out teaching or training activities abroad, while students and doctoral candidates can carry out a traineeship or part of their studies abroad.

A tool for organizations wishing to open up to cross-border exchange and cooperation. The accreditation is open to all organizations wishing to organize mobility activities on a regular basis.

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Organizations can send or receive trainees and students who wish to carry out a work placement abroad, as well as send members of their staff to carry out teaching or training activities.


The aim is to develop a truly European dimension in the higher education sector, based on shared values, with excellence and inclusiveness as the hallmarks of European higher education.

The different types of higher education institutions, be they research universities, institutes of technology, schools of arts or higher vocational education and training institutions, are all hallmarks of our European way of life.

Implement a set of flagship initiatives designed to become the visible expression of a European approach, backed by adequate financial support, to help universities build bridges and take transnational cooperation to the next level.

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Support universities to deliver relevant quality and forward-looking skills, foster diversity and inclusion, promote and protect democratic practices, fundamental rights and academic values.

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