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Erasmus staff training mobility programme

diciembre 25, 2022

Erasmus+ 2021 program

Schools, vocational training centers and adult education and training organizations are eligible for full funding to attend our courses under an Erasmus plus KA121 and KA122 mobility grant for teachers, teachers, trainers, managers and other staff members can be sent abroad to attend courses and training activities such as the ones we are organizing. Please consider that a wide range of organizations may be eligible for this Erasmus plus funding such as, for example, adult education organizations, cultural organizations, music associations, non-profit organizations and organizations providing formal or non-formal education for adults.we recommend that you check with your Erasmus+ National Agency to verify if your sending institution is eligible as sending organizations under Key Action 1 (KA121 and KA122 Mobility of individuals for learning purposes).

What is Erasmus mobility?

Erasmus + is a European student mobility program that allows students from higher education institutions (universities and vocational schools) to continue their training in one of the 34 eligible countries: the 28 Member States of the European Union, plus four countries of the Association of European …

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Who can participate in the Erasmus program?

Erasmus+ offers opportunities to:

Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training students who wish to study, train or gain work experience abroad (including mobilities to and from Europe in the field of Higher Education).

Erasmus+ european union

PRAKTICA, TRAINING & CONSULTINGThe best way to learnLIVE YOUR ERASMUS+ EXPERIENCE IN EUROPAPraktica in the company, language courses, cultural activities and much more!MORE INFORMATIONENJOY YOUR ERASMUS+ EXPERIENCE IN SEVILLAPraktica in the company, language courses, cultural activities and much more!MORE INFORMATIONBUSINESS TRAININGPraktica training for the creation and management of companies.MORE INFORMATION / 4 / 4

Praktica is a company promoted by professionals in the field of training for employment and business creation. People and their professional objectives are our raison d’être, so we work to help our clients and users to improve the competencies and skills necessary to achieve their goals.

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Erasmus+ 2022 Program

Note: A claims period is open from 10 am on July 9 until 1 pm on July 11, 2018. Claims must be submitted to the Secretary’s Office of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters.

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ program, students may carry out curricular or extracurricular internships for a minimum duration of 2 months and a maximum of 12 months, having to deduct from that period the time they have enjoyed a previous Erasmus+ mobility.

Santander grants are applied for at the Rectorate. Once you are selected for one, you must inform the secretary of our faculty, Carmen Fenández, who will inform you about the procedure for the recognition of subjects. For information on funding and deadlines, please contact the ORI (Rectorate).

Erasmus+ Program

Erasmus+ is the new program of the European Union that replaces, among others, the Lifelong Learning Program (2007-2013), whose Erasmus subprogram has been the main international mobility program of this University.

The Erasmus+ Program in the actions of mobility of persons (key action KA1), allows the mobility of students (SM – Student Mobility) to carry out studies in a Higher Education Institution (HEI – Higher Education Institution) or to carry out internships in a HEI or a company.

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Currently, the Erasmus+ program, in its action KA103, provides for mobilities in the so-called “program countries” (European), and in its action KA107, allows mobilities to and from the so-called “partner countries” (non-European).

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