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Erasmus without paper competence centre

diciembre 27, 2022

Erasmus+ research grant

Schools, vocational training centers and adult education and training organizations are eligible for full funding to attend our courses under an Erasmus plus KA121 and KA122 mobility grant for teachers, teachers, trainers, managers and other staff members can be sent abroad to attend courses and training activities such as the ones we are organizing. Please consider that a wide range of organizations may be eligible for this Erasmus plus funding such as, for example, adult education organizations, cultural organizations, music associations, non-profit organizations and organizations providing formal or non-formal education for adults.we recommend that you check with your Erasmus+ National Agency to verify if your sending institution is eligible as sending organizations under Key Action 1 (KA121 and KA122 Mobility of individuals for learning purposes).

Eacea erasmus+

The main objective of the degree is to train Early Childhood Education teachers capable of developing in different contexts (rural and urban, multicultural and monocultural, regional, national and international, etc.); capable of adapting to social, cultural, scientific, technological and educational changes; who master the different subjects and their interdisciplinary relationship; who are critical and possess initiative; capable of reflecting on their practice and who are committed to their profession. They will also be trained to practice other professions related to Early Childhood Education, both in formal and non-formal education.

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The generalist training is intended to train Early Childhood Education teachers competent in all levels of the stage and in all areas of the curriculum, in such a way that they master all the contents of Early Childhood Education and its interdisciplinary relationship, so that, in this way, they can -based on the principles of this stage- achieve the objectives of the same. This training is also focused on enabling graduates to develop all the functions of Early Childhood Education teachers. And all this, with critical capacity and with the ability to adapt efficiently to rapidly changing environments.

Profesores Erasmus

La gestión tradicional de la movilidad Erasmus+ puede ser un proceso engorroso, complejo y costoso para las instituciones de educación superior (HEI). La iniciativa Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) allana el camino para gestionar las movilidades de forma más eficiente al permitir que las instituciones de educación superior intercambien información sobre la movilidad de sus estudiantes de forma rápida y segura.

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EWP lo hace a través de una red de intercambio en línea que conecta a las HEI que participan en intercambios Erasmus. Permite a las HEI que utilizan la red intercambiar datos sobre los estudiantes de una manera más segura y eficiente que los métodos tradicionales basados en papel.

Sepie call 2022

Under the DiscoverEU Inclusion Action, informal youth organizations and groups can receive support to carry out projects that enable young people with fewer opportunities to participate in DiscoverEU on an equal footing with their peers.

The EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027 sets out a framework for European cooperation in the youth field, building on the Commission’s Communication of 22 May 2018 entitled “Engaging, connecting and empowering young people”. The Strategy encourages the participation of young people in democratic life, supports social and civic engagement and aims to ensure that all young people have the necessary resources to participate in society. The EU Youth Strategy also includes a process of dialogue with youth and, in that context, 11 European Youth Goals were set in 2018. These Goals define cross-cutting areas that affect the lives of young people and indicate the challenges ahead. The EU Youth Strategy should contribute to the realization of this vision for young people. Under the umbrella of the main area “connecting”, the EU Youth Strategy promotes and facilitates connections, relationships and exchange of experiences among young people as a crucial asset for the future development of the EU. These connections are best fostered through various forms of mobility, including DiscoverEU.

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