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Letter of application erasmus

enero 5, 2023

Erasmus+ project platform

The individual who intends to obtain a letter of invitation in favor of a foreigner must address his request to the Police Station of his place of residence, which will be the competent for its processing and issuance.

Once the request has been received by the competent unit for its processing, it will begin its processing, appointing an instructor of the procedure, in order to resolve in the appropriate sense in relation to the same as soon as possible.

When the instructor of the procedure deems it pertinent, the applicant may be summoned for a personal interview in order to verify his identity, the validity of the documentation provided and the truthfulness of the information contained in the application. Failure to appear, except in cases of force majeure, within the established period, which may not exceed fifteen days, shall have the effect of considering the applicant withdrawn from the procedure.

The notification of the favorable resolution of the request for a Letter of Invitation shall be effective for the payment of the corresponding fee, under the terms provided for in the provisions in force. The payment of the fee must be made within one month of the aforementioned notification, and proof of such payment must be provided in order to collect the Letter of Invitation.

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Ecas erasmus+

Tenemos el orgullo además, de poder contaros que los expertos evaluadores han considerado nuestro proyecto con una excelente calificación, lo cual agradecemos y nos hace muy felices ya que creemos fielmente en el Proyecto Erasmus como base para la internacionalización.

Tenemos el orgullo además, de poder contaros que los expertos evaluadores han considerado nuestro proyecto con una excelente calificación, lo cual agradecemos y nos hace muy felices puesto que creemos fielmente en la propuesta Erasmus como base de la internacionalización.

Erasmus+ programme guide 2023

To be eligible for training abroad with Erasmus+, the ESC in which the person concerned works must hold an Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education (in the case of program countries) or have signed an inter-institutional agreement with the host institution (in the case of partner countries).

Prior to the start of the training, a mobility agreement must be signed by the trainee, his/her ESC and the host institution, setting out the learning objectives and the rights and responsibilities of the trainee, as well as the mode of official recognition of the training period.

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For training periods abroad between program countries, the sending institution is responsible for all payments. In the case of training periods between program countries and partner countries, the home and host institutions may determine who is responsible for making payments.

National agencies in program countries (and national offices in certain partner countries) can handle inquiries and assist with applications. In addition, you can contact the European Commission through Europe Direct.

Erasmus+ programme guide

If you are part of the students, teachers and PAS of the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático you have the possibility to carry out mobilities of different characteristics within the new Erasmus + Program (KA1).

The additional amount of 175 €/month will be financed with European funds for students with less economic resources. The criterion applied will be to have been the beneficiary of a general study grant from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport in the academic year immediately prior to the one in which the mobility is to be carried out.

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Once the mobility has been completed, studies will be validated on the basis of the academic results obtained at the host institution. The credits obtained will be fully recognized. The Pedagogical

The Pedagogical Coordination Board will analyze the most appropriate way to establish validations. These will only be effective for subjects in first enrollment. In accordance with current legislation, credits corresponding to the TFG (Final Degree Project) may not be recognized.

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